December Tasks


December should be a time of celebration, rest, sharing, caring and family.  A gardeners focus changes from outside tasks to more wholesome indoor tasks.  Enjoy your stored harvests making soups, teas and even gifts from the garden.

Don’t forget to get out in the sunshine on those sunny days to stroll through your garden and see how it has evolved into a winter garden.  Watch the wild birds feed off the seed heads you left for them to feed on for the next month or so.  A tree looks just as beautiful with its barren canopy as it does with spring blossoms or new leaves.  Look up!   Sunshine is good for the soul even during the winter months.

A brisk morning after a freeze can be a breath of fresh air.  Look closely at frost that has settled on fallen leaves and blades of grass.  It is truly magical.  I am always in awe of nature.

Seed catalogs start rolling in, giving you a feeling of renewal and excitement about new varieties to try for the new year.

This is a good time of year to visit a neighbor you may have neglected during the busy summer months.  Share something from your garden.  Maybe a mix of dried herbs for a cup of tea from the garden.  A grapevine wreath from pruning time, with some pine boughs and red berries clipped from a shrub in the yard.  Giving a garden gift means so much!

Most of all I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!  And the best New Year!