July Tasks

July, one of the hottest months for us and the garden is usually in full swing!  Beat the heat by arising early in the morning to tackle harvesting, weeding and watering.

Keep staking and or tying indeterminate tomatoes as they grow like crazy this month.

Parsnips and carrots can be sowed this month for fall harvest, but be sure to keep the soil moist to ensure germination.  Use lightweight row cover to help keep moisture in and bird form eating need seeds and seedlings.

Feed overgrown vegetables to chickens.

Compost piles should be at their best in the heat of the summer.  Keep turning and apply as a mulch when ready to help with weed control and to hold moisture in the soil.

Feed hanging flower baskets weekly with a liquid bloom to encourage new blossoms.

Climbing roses should be pruned to encourage second blooming.