January Tasks

Winters can seem long and dreary when if don’t take advantage of those few warm days to poke outside and get some sunshine, get our heart rate up and enjoy some fresh air.  Take advantage of any day or days that come.  Be a little implosive and get those hands dirty and feel the brisk are on your face!

Things to do now:

Water planters under eves of house as they don’t receive moisture from rainfall.

If rainfall is scarce, potted evergreen or other potted planted need light watering when weather is not frosty.

Clean and refill bird feeders to keep your feathered friends provided with nutrients needed during winter when seeds and insects are scarce.  Keep a bird bath with clean water.

On frost-free days harvest winter vegetables such as parsnips, leeks and Jerusalem artichokes.  Never harvest vegetables that are frozen or they will develop pressure spots that become soft and mushy when they defrost.

It’s not quite time for sowing seeds yet, but now is a good time to giving some thought to gathering seeds and preparing a planting plan.

Check over stone fruit trees for any mummified fruit still hanging on treetops.  Harmful pathogens can overwinter in them and trigger a new infection outbreak.  Remove any broken branches now as well.

If you didn’t get your December dormant oil spray done, do so early this month.  Spray when rainfall is not expected for at least 48 hours.  Spray until run off.

If your peach trees had leaf curl last summer and fall now is a good time to spray with a fungicide of copper to prevent any problems this new year.

Hardwood cuttings can be done now from flowering shrubs such dogwood, honeysuckle, rosemary, lavender and even figs.

Remove dead leaves from Hellebores now before they flower next month.

Vegetable garden beds should have old debris removed or worked into the soil so as not to allow any insects or disease harbor.

Clean up globe artichokes from any dead leaves that can give insects a place to hide.  Mulch base of plant with compost or soil conditioner.

Plan on trying at least one new crop in your garden this year.   Sometimes you may find a real treasure!



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