November Tasks

It’s November and while chores are slowing down, there is still plenty to do.

Leaves are falling, falling falling..  Make no waste!  Leaves greatly improve soils, feeding microbes living in the soil, adding loft to garden soils and makes a great addition the compost heaps.   If your garden is not ready to take in leaves, make leaf mound compost or gather leaves and store in bags for later use.  Use your composting mower blade and mow over and let them decompose (if not to thick) right where they lay.  

Cut lawns on last time until spring.  If you haven’t added cottonseed meal to your lawns, do so now.  This gives a light feeding now and helps with better roots and green up in the early spring.  

Water fruit trees deeply.  Generally this will be enough until spring unless rainfall is scarce.  

Layer parsnips with straw to make it easier to to pull during winter months.

Begin to harvest Jerusalem artichokes.  The roots keep very well in the gound and can be dug up through the winter months as needed. 

Keep an eye on stored fruits and vegetables.  Any bad fruit or veggies should be removed and composted immediately or you might loss your food store.  Make sure they all have good air circulation and are free from freezing.

Make chutneys with harvests for great garden gifts.