August Tasks

Even though it’s hot here in Southern Utah, it’s time to start thinking about fall gardening.  Gather seeds, plants and soil amendments cause fall gardening can be the best of the season!

Get your garden beds ready fall new fall plants!  Simply add a couple inches of compost over the top of cleared beds and use a digging fork to loosen the soil.  Sprinkle cottonseed meal over the surface and rake in!

Sow green onions, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, kohlrabi, Swiss chard, kale, collards, beets, parsnips now.

Towards the end of the month sow lettuce, spinach, turnips and radishes.

Keep fallen fruit off the ground to prevent brown rot next year.

Continue to harvest beans, summer squash, eggplant and other veggies to promote more flowering and fruiting.

Brussels sprouts planted in the late spring should now be showing signs of little heads beginning to form.

Continue deadheading perennials for lasting blooms through the fall.

Feed Chrysanthemums now for big fall color.

Keep weeds at bay.  One crabgrass plant has the potential to produce 10,000 seeds in a season!  That’s a lot of crabgrass to pull next year.

Mulch with compost or soil conditioner to help block out weeds and keep moisture in the soil.