June Tasks

It’s early summer and plant growth is well int its stride.  In many ways, June is the best time of the year for kitchen gardens.

Keep crops harvested regularly in order to maintain a steady supply and continue to make succession sowing of quick growing crops.

Yes, once again I repeat myself.  Keep weeds at bay by hoeing and pulling regularly.

Be sure to water during dry spells.

Continue to earth up potatoes.

Stake and support plants where necessary.  It’s a good idea to keep bamboo stakes available and handy, along with hemp, jute or vinyl twine.

Broad beans are beginning to ripen.

Plant leeks from starts now for fall crop harvests.

Start collection herbs for drying.  Lavender, St. Johns wort and chamomile are best picked while flowering, while oregano, lemon balm mint, sage and thyme should be picked before flowering.

Cut back chives to the ground.  This will encourage fresh new growth.

Begin drying herbs for winter use.  The faster drying time, the greener they stay.  Drying your own herbs saves money and your know how old your herbs are!

Begin to feed tomatoes, peppers and eggplant every week to 10 days with a liquid fertilizer to encourage more flowers and fruiting.

If potatoes have been mounded for a couple months and they are flowering, it may be time to dig down in the loose soil for new potatoes.  Main crop harvest begins when potato vines have died back.