Amaryllis Year After Year Show

Many of us around Christmas time plant these big beautiful bulbs.  Caring for them and getting them to bloom is fairly easy and we enjoy the show.  But what happens to these bulbs after blooming time.  Some will toss the bulbs just because they don’t know what to do with them and some, more than likely the gardeners in us will save them trying to get them to bloom again.  Unlike most forced bulbs, Amaryllis can bloom again and again if we take the proper steps.  Fertilize with a well-balanced fertilizer once a month until early autumn.    If you have your plant outside during the warm months bring it in before frost.  Stop watering the potted Amaryllis.  Cut down the foliage, uproot the bulb from the planting medium and  store it in a cool, dry, dark place for eight to 10 weeks.  They need a nap!  I like to keep them in a brown paper bag in the cellar.    After nap time, it’s time to replant the bulb in fresh potting soil.  Water thoroughly, fertilize and in no time you will have new leaves emerging with blooms not far behind ready to bloom.

Happy Frog Potting Soil

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