Unexpected Frosts!

Wow! Time has gotten away from me this spring! Between transplanting starts for our nursery, planting our own garden, and just keeping up this spring with the general spring chores and just life itself, I realized I haven’t written a blog in a while.
With this years unusual weather we have had, I am thankful I always have frost blankets ready to go at a moments notice to protect my crops. Our valley’s typical last frost date is April 15th. Well, this year has proven to us that Mother Nature can change her mind when she wants with a late light frost just morning April 18th. We have had a very mild March which tempted many of us to plant tomatoes, peppers and other ‘warm’ season crops….I do it every year, but I am ready to drop the cloth! There are several types of cloth, or also known as row cover. Look for ‘frost’ protection, like 50%. This will give you protection up to 8 degrees, which is good enough for a frost. You can double up your cover if you are expected temperatures to drop below 28 degrees. I cover even if the temperatures are in going to be in the low 40’s the cover goes on. Warm season crops are just that…Warm Weather lovers. When these vegetables are exposed to cold night temperatures tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash and especially cucumbers,they will stress, sometimes drop flowers, growth is halted, and they can become weak, which can make them more susceptible to diseases. This can be a little work at times, but well worth it in the long run. The cover should be removed during the day so the plants can absorb the sunshine unless the days are very chilly and windy. Keeping them covered is fine if for only a day or two. Most frost blankets will last for years and is a well worth while investment to protect your tender little crops! Today, the covers are being folded and put away (again) in hopes to not have to bring them out again this year, but if needed, I am ready! Watch your weather reports and expect lower temperatures then what is predicted and your early planted crops will pay off!

Frost Blanket/Row Cover


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