Calming the Senses

Lavender is a one of my favorite garden perennials. It not only smells lovely, is lovely, but it is calming to the senses. Lavender has an array of uses, from culinary to medicine to crafts.

Wherever you see lavender grow, you will notice people, bees and butterflies flocking to its blooms durning the heat of the summer. The essential oil made from the plant is considered to be “first aid in a bottle” and is found in herbal remedies for anxiety, sleep problems, stress, migraines and other headaches. Lavender is considered to be a mild antidepressant… it helps lift the sprits.

Lavender is easy to grow. Give it plenty of sunshine, a minimum of eight hours for best growth, and well drained soil is essential. If your soil is heavy clay you will need to help it drain by mixing in a good amount of sand or top soil (not to rich) to the existing soil to help it drain. Heavy soil that doesn’t drain is the biggest problem with not being able to keep lavender alive. It does best in zones 5 through 8, but there are some varieties that are bred for colder climates.

One of my favorite winter time teas includes lavender. Winter time we don’t always get enough sunshine and the blues can strike! This blend definitely lifts my spirits, AND it taste so good. You can blend enough of these herbs together to share with a friend as well. Store in an airtight container out of light.

Uplifting Winter Time Tea

1 part chamomile (calming and relaxing)

1 part lemon balm (uplifting)

1/2 part rose petals (helps ease winter blues)

1/4 part lavender flower (uplifting)

Steep 1-2 tablespoons of herb mix in hot water for 10-15 minutes and drink 2-4 times a day.

To this blend I often add other herbs depending on my bodies needs. Milky oats and skullcap, 1/8 part each help keep my mind clear and and body nourished. All these herbs are nervines.

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  1. It was used in laundry too, which is where the name was derived from.

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