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Casper, Here Kitty Kitty

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It has been a little while since I have mentioned anything about Casper the Perfect Cat and I guess Casper has quit the following.  People have stopped in to see Casper and see what busy things he has been up to and I have received e-mails asking about him.  After all he is a sweet little guy.  So I thought I would give you the low down on his busy life.  Often times we have gardening classes at our place and Casper likes to get involved in the learning.  Getting ready for winter I covered my garden with protective row cover, of course, Casper came to the rescue and he became a row cover weight as he quickly makes a bed with the soft lettuce below.  Big Day!  Out in the sunshine keeping the crops warm.  Hard life for a cat on the farm!  He has been helping me type out a blogs….As you can see in the picture he quickly fell asleep, but it was the thought that counted. Over worked and never enough treats!    Another occasion, he spent many an hours sewing, or at least on the sewing table adjusting himself only once during the day when I seemed to bother him when I reached for the scissors he was laying on.  And to think, we thought he would be a good mouser.  HA!   One word that often comes from my husbands mouth is, “Worthless”.  He just doesn’t fully understand Casper.  Casper has always liked baskets, high, low, inside, outside, or where ever they are he always seems to find them.  Maybe he is pursuing a career in basket weaving.  He is just taking his time studying the weaves of the baskets.  Anyway Casper is still plugging along, with his many (or not so many) tasks of the day, ever so spoiled and getting his beauty sleep.  This March Casper turns 13.   I can’t really say he has slowed down when he was always taking he time, or should I say “taking a nap”.  Enjoy his pictures and stop in and say hi to the ‘Perfect’ cat, Casper.  He will win your heart over!


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Casper and the Little White Pots

Casper feeling his oats for a few moments in time!Several people have come to the garden this week asking about Casper.  Where he is and what he is doing.  Not far off I can point him out,  on the patio table, in the flower-pot, in the goat manger.   This loveable, lazy creature has touched many people’s heart.  Some days when feeling his oats (not often) you know he has been into something.  At my cottage retail store I have multiple herbs for sale.   A few months ago I was experiencing problems with the lemon catnip being drug all over the place.  Mind you!  Not just a few feet away, but I would find the little root balls from the front of the store to the back, to the orchard and other various places.  I know cats like catnip, but really!  dragging it all over the yard.  These poor little plants were mutilated to the point of no return.  Casper does have his own catnip garden but he prefers the little white potted lemon catnip plants!  When getting in several flats of new herbs today, I see Casper enjoying a new flavor!  Sweet Grass!  Soon after his indulgence he became frisky rolling around in the planter boxes for a few short moments before he fell fast asleep.

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