Growing Your Own

Spring Garden May 2011

Every since I was a child, growing our own garden was just a part of our lives, living simple, enjoying the harvest straight from the garden to the table was just a day in and day out event. Planting, weeding, watering could have been a chore, but instead it has been good memories and a lesson in providing for oneself a good start in life. We didn’t have the best growing environment. Working in poor clay soil and dry hot hot long summer months made it challenge to grow just about anything. Bugs seemed to be in abundance and weeds never gave up their hold. But no one can take back the times of spending countless hours in the pea patch enjoying the fruits of our labors. Summer evenings gathering carrots and eating them fresh seeming to never make it in the house for dinner. Fresh tomatoes warm from the touch of sun that we just bit into with a sprinkle of salt from the shaker that was kept out by the garden for just the occasion always hit the spot. Yes, gardening was set in concrete at an early age for me! I have the passion of gardening that some might call an obsession, but I can’t think of anything more rewarding and fulfilling to see our garden fill up in the spring with beautiful crops that we will soon be harvesting and enjoying at our kitchen table (if they seem to manage to get that far). Walking through the garden in early mornings making mental notes of things to plant and care for. I named this blog ‘Out Standing in the Garden’ for the purpose as this is where you will find me on any given free time, out standing in the garden.


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2 responses to “Growing Your Own

  1. Janice Peacock

    Enjoyed your blog. I hope you got a picture of Casper sitting in the chair at the cooking class.

  2. Ruth Hirschi

    Thanks for your blog…I will check for recipes. I only wish I had your gardeners touch. I love driving by your house and looking at your garden. Thanks again.

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