Harvest of Leeks

The harvest of leeks has begun. I start harvest in March and can harvest into summer. Planting starts early. Seeds are started in Mid-August around here and then once they reach 12 inches around November they get transplanted to another spot in the garden that has been well amended. I use a dibbler, pushing a hole about 6 inches deep. Placing the leek plant straight up in the hole and filling in around so there is no air pockets. Planting them deep into holes like this make the white part of the leek bigger and much more useable. Leeks are great used in leek and potato soup, dried and used in other soups, stews or to add flavor to dishes. Leeks are like a mild onion and they are worth growing in your garden. Once your leeks pulled out you can simply start another type of veggie in their place.

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