Meet Casper the Perfect Cat

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Meet Casper our cat.  We brought him home in May, 12 years ago.  Casper isn’t your average mouse hunter, or for that matter any kind of hunter.    I’m right sure he thinks he is human….you know, the hunt is done by us, the, well owners? Or servants? Most times you will find him in a basket, bucket, pot, or in the new box of bulbs that just arrived at the store.  He requires 23  hours of sleep (and that’s a full day of work) and wastes no time exhausting himself chasing birds.  This leaves him with 60 minutes to care for what he finds important.  Likely for grooming, eating, grooming and eating.  I do believe he is a bit of a snotty cat.  If  you do see him under the bird feeders it’s only a short time of entertainment to only get excited and then quickly fall fast asleep with never making one movement towards a bird.  He has been known multiple times to be a foster mother to little chicks, letting them snuggle right into his fur while grooming their little down bodies.  Does he mind or think umm, lunch?  Nope!  If you have ever heard of a an animal that wouldn’t hurt a fly…..It had to be Casper.  Follow up on Casper adventures (sleeping) in the garden.

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  1. I bet that cat does not earn his keep.

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